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Hello to everyone!

HupiCon 2018 aims to be one of the biggest Lego related events ever in Northern Europe.
In this topic I share some general information about the event in English and you can also post
here questions about any practical issues etc. In general, if there is any problem or question, you can also send me email to sami.kattelus "at-mark"

Some background information about HupiCon:

HupiCon is part of a larger exhibition that consists of four separate exhibitions that all take place in the Exhibition Center in Helsinki (located in Pasila, near the city center). The other exhibitions are:
- PetExpo (cats&dogs and anything smaller, last year they even had skunks)
- OutletExpo (fashion, design and handicrafts)
- ChildrenExpo (in Finnish, "Lapsimessut", many things for children without any spesific theme)
- HupiCon (check the list below)

These four exhibition form together the biggest exhibition in Northern countries. We expect
well over 50 000 visitors. The atmosphere of the events is family friendly and most of the visitors are
families and there will be many children. However, every year there has also been many hobbyists and
otherwise curious adult visitors as well.

HupiCon also includes many other cool things in addition to Lego world. These include
- RC vehicles such as cars, boats, helicopters, planes and drones
- Traditional building models
- Boardgames
- Many games in general such as Escape Room games etc.
- Pokemon card tournament
- NERF gun shooting range
- Doll World
- Doll houses
- Electric car tracks (e.g. the ones like Carrera builds)
- Star Wars cosplay (501st Legion and Nordic Garrison)
- An audience chamber where the hobbyists can hold speeches or shows or workshops if they want to
- Something related to music, though not yet announced. Possibly a setting to compose your own music?
- Lightsaber battling
- Many other things! I will update list when I get more information.

Practical issues related to taking part in the Lego event

We are more than happy to call visiting AFOLs to take part in the exhibition! =)
There are some practical issues that are listed below:

- There are three ways to bring in your models to exhibition. First, you can take part in the huge collaborative Lego Worlds creation that includes several different themes, so anything in minifigure scale should find a good
place in there. In addition to that you can take part in GBC that is, Great Ball Machine. Here is a video from our previous exhibition:


In addition to these, we also accept some stand-alone models, too, but the idea is that anything in minifigure scale should be fitted in the collaborative Lego Worlds. Stand-alone models thus include only such creations that do not fit into the minifigure world, e.g. Bionicle or other similar characters, microworld scaled models or Mindstorms or other robotics etc.

- We expect you to take part in the looking after duty, too. The creations must be carefully looked after, and everybody should do some part of that. In return of this, Lego Company provides us with some Lego related gifts that we share during the sunday afternoon.

- There are two competitions you can take part in. More information later.

- We set up everything during the Thursday on 19th of April, so we would wish you to be in Finland by then.
On the otherhand we unbuild the exhibition on Sunday after the exhibition closes to the audience.

- There may be some possibilities regarding the accomodation to stay by local members who offer to be as hosts.

- Some of the travelling costs will be compensated in collaboration with a local toy store. More details later.

The Creations

There are 3 categories:

1) The huge collaborative BrickWorlds creation which will include several themes:

a) Original City and related themes (Super Heroes etc. anything that fits in). This is the biggest theme.

b) Star Wars planet of Tatooine

c) Middle Ages/Castle/Pirates

d) SteamPunk/other SciFi

2) GBC
Great Ball Contraption machine. An example of a previous year can be found here:

Ask more if you want to participate in this, so we give you more detailed instructions!

3) Stand-alone creations
This category will only include creations that do not fit into the collaborative creation or into GBC.
Such creation include e.g. Bionicle or other large scale characters, Mindstorms or other Lego-robotics,
mosaics etc.

The Instructions
The Instruction regarding taking part in the collaborative creation will be uploaded to another topic in this foorum.

- Samppu


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